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Earth Cab Grow Box Series

There are four choices within the Earth Box family

1. Earth Cab 6 Plant Soil Grow CabinetGo!

2. Earth Cab XL 8 Plant Grow BoxGo!

3. Earth Cab Pro 12 Plant Grow BoxGo!

4. Earth Cab Pro XL 16 Plant Grow BoxGo!

Earth Cab Grow Box Earth Cab XL Grow Box
Earth Cab Pro Grow Box Earth Cab Pro XL Grow Box

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Why the Earth Cab Grow Box Series?

The Earth Cab Grow Box series have been designed for those who like to grow in soil. Whether you prefer soil for environmental reasons, for simplicity, or because you prefer the taste of organically grown herbs, the Earth Cab Grow Box series has been made especially for you.

The Earth Cab boxes have been manufactured with the same high quality components as Dealzer’s very popular Yielder range, the only real difference is that all the hydro set up has been replaced with a soil based system.

We have always heard good reports from Dealzers exceptional support

Of course, should you decide to convert to hydroponics at a later date, your Earth Cab Grow Box is easy to upgrade with full hydroponics kit. A simple phone call to the manufacturers will supply you with all the information and kit you need to do so. Whatever method you end up using, your Earth Cab Grow Box will provide the space, lights and ventilation to last you for many years to come.

  • Completely stealthy, no light, heat or noise
  • Designed for soil but upgradeable to hydro
  • Contains everything you need
  • Robust construction, built to last
  • Built in safety measures
  • Economical to run
  • High quality components throughout
  • Full written instructions and ‘plain English’ instructional DVD
  • Excellent reputation, many happy customers
  • Designed and built by experts
  • No hassle three year guarantee
  • Dealzer’s famous lifetime of technical support

Build Quality, Size, Yield and Security

Before we go on to take a look at the outstanding features of the Earth Cab Grow Box series, let’s take a look at the differences between the four grow boxes in the series. It is in the size and quantity of internal chambers that the cabinets differ.

  • Pro models have dual light tight chambers which allow you to grow clones or young seedlings at the same time as flowering plants
  • Basic models feature a single chamber for either vegging or flowering
  • XL models are ten inches wider than the other models, measuring 46” X 26” X 74.5”
  • Smaller models measure a more compact 36” X 26” X 74.5”

Earth Cab Grow Box Inside

All of the cabinets in the Earth Cab range feature:

  • Sturdy construction of 18 gauge powdered steel
  • Unobtrusive stealth design that does not attract unwanted attention
  • Net Trellis with built in adjustable anchor points
  • Light proof, whisper quiet, no heat signature
  • Fire resistant for extra safety and peace of mind
  • Built in castors for ease of movement
  • GFCI electrics to prevent any electric shocks

Lights, Ballasts, Control and Power

  • Apollo 600W dimmable, digital ballast. This high end digital ballast weighs in at 5.5lb and gives protection against short circuit, open circuit and ignition failure
  • Ballast runs on 110/120V or 220/240V, no need for convertors
  • Ballast runs MH or HPS bulbs without the need for convertor bulbs
  • 600W MH grow lamp bulb that delivers 61,000 lumens in the 4200K spectrum, enough for all your vegetative growth
  • 600W HPS grow lamp bulb that delivers 90,000 lumens in the 2100K spectrum for all the flowering power you need
  • Highly efficient light wing focuses light onto your plants, where it is most needed
  • Reflective Mylar insulation maximizes light efficiency whilst keeping your heat signature down
  • Grow lights on yoyos to enable you to position them at the optimum height from the plant canopy
  • All controls, timers and ballast are situated at the rear of the cabinet, out of the way where they cannot be seen
  • Light baffles keep light in. No giveaway light leaks showing on the outside of the cabinet

Earth Cab Pro also includes

  • 24″ High Output T5 fluorescent fixture
  • 2 X 24″ High Output T5 grow bulbs delivering 24W of light each in the 6500k spectrum. Perfect for starting out your young plants/clones

Earth Cab Pro XL also includes

  • 36″ High Output T5 fluorescent fixture
  • 2 X 36″ High Output T5 grow bulbs delivering 36W of light each in the 6500k spectrum. Perfect for starting out your young plants/clones

Earth Cab Grow Box Ballast
Earth Cab Grow Box Light
Earth Cab Grow Box Yoyo

Air Movement, Air Filtration, Heat and Odor Control

  • 20 lbs. activated carbon filter with 1.5” thick activated carbon is deliberately over spec to ensure that your exhaust is totally odor free, preventing unwanted smells and awkward questions
  • Duct muffler to keep your grow silent and stealthy
  • 6” commercial duct blower operates at 400 cubic feet per minute (cfm) and a static pressure of 2.55″W
  • Replaces all of the air inside the cabinet 2.5 times per minute, expelling stale warm air and replenishing CO2
  • 6” Air King internal circulation fan is 33% larger than in most other grow boxes, strengthening plant stems and ensuring superior air circulation
  • Air intake ports fitted with washable pre-filters to keep bugs, fungi and pests out

Earth Cab Grow Box Pots Internal Circulation Fan

Earth Cab Grow Box Carbon Filter

Grow system – How does it work?

Earth Cab Grow Box 8 PotsThe Earth Cab series is all about soil. So as a starter they are supplied with Fox farm Ocean Forest soil. This high quality potting soil is widely used throughout the industry, and with good reason. Ocean Forest is blended from earthworm castings, bat guano, fish and crab meal. It gets its aerated texture from composted forest humus, sandy loam, and sphagnum peat moss. Ocean Forest is pH balanced at 6.3 – 6.8 to ensure optimum nutrient uptake.

Earth Cab Pro Ocean ForestAll of the appropriate soil, pots, grow bags and nutrients are provided. Just plant them, feed them and water them! Full instructions are provided on an easy to follow DVD.

“Earth Cab” Can Grow

  • Between 1 and 6 full sized plants up to 54” tall in 2 ½ gallon pots
  • Between 1and 16 medium sized plants up to 54” tall in ½ gallon Grow Bags
  • Up to 72 clones in the included cloning kit

“Earth Cab XL” Can Grow

  • Between 1 and 8 full sized plants up to 54” tall in 2 ½ gallon pots
  • Between 1 and 16 medium sized plants up to 54” tall in ½ gallon Grow Bags
  • Up to 72 clones in the included cloning kit

“Earth Cab Pro” Can Grow

  • Between 1 and 12 full sized plants up to 36” tall in 2 ½ gallon pots
  • Between 1 and 32 medium sized plants up to 24” tall in ½ gallon Grow Bags
  • Up to 72 clones or seedlings

“Earth Cab Pro XL” Can Grow

  • Between 1 and 16 full sized plants up to 36” tall in 2 ½ gallon pots
  • Between 1 and 32 medium sized plants up to 24” tall in ½ gallon Grow Bags
  • Up to 72 clones or seedlings

Our trusted partners

After 20 years in field, we know how great grow suppliers look like. Our trusted partners offer excellent prices, great support and will make sure your delivery arrives discreetly.

Nutrients and Extras

As usual the people at Dealzer have done everything they can to provide you with a complete grow kit containing everything you need. This kit includes, but is not limited to:

  • pH Adjustment Kit – The Correct pH is essential to your plants’ ability to take in nutrients efficiently. Keep on top of your pH levels with this handy and easy to use pH adjustment kit
  • Analog Timer – Digital timers are prone to problems, that’s why Dealzer have reverted to using these robust analog timers to keep your grow op running smoothly
  • Thermometer/Hygrometer – Humidity and temperature inside your grow cabinet are very important to your plants’ health and productivity. You can check them in an instant with this digital meter
  • 72 site clone dome with grow tray and insertMaximize your germination success and the success of your clones with this complete germination package
  • Root Riots – clone/seed starter cubes – Root Riot is the starter medium of choice of many experts. Give your young plants the best start in life


All of the Earth Cab Grow Tent series come with a no hassle three year warranty to give you confidence and peace of mind. As well as this, there is the famous Dealzer lifetime of technical support available. Simply phone or e-mail the company with any issues and get full back up from the plant growing experts.

Optional Upgrades

Earth Cab Grow Box Pots Led

  • 2 LED Grow Light Panels
    – These LED grow light panels are supplemental to the main lighting in your Earth Cab Grow Box. BY adding extra light at the side of the plants, where it can be used by the lower branches, you can improve flowering on lower bud sites and increase yields by up to 25% over top lighting alone. LED grow light specifications are:
  • 12″ x 12″ x 1.5″
  • 45 Watts (0.3125 watts per bulb)
  • 0.28 amps
  • 5:1 red blue ratio designed specifically for flowering
  • 630 NM red, 460 NM blue
  • 6 Month Standard Nutrient Package
    – When ordered with the cabinet this excellent 6 month supply of Botanicare CNS17 plant nutrients will come with a 20% discount and at no extra shipping cost. Package includes;

    • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Grow
    • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Bloom
    • 1L CNS17 Ripe
  • 6 Month Expert Nutrient Package – The standard nutrient package provides everything you will need to grow your own supply of quality bud. However, if you would like to up your game and grow like the pros you can order this first class nutrient upgrade package of additives and enhancers. Package includes:
    • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Grow
    • 1L CNS17 Coco/Soil Bloom
    • 1L CNS17 Ripe
    • 8oz Cal-Mag Plus
    • 1L Liquid Karma
    • 1L Hydroplex
    • 1L Sweet Raw
    • 1L Clearex

For some good pricing check out Dealzers exceptional support.

What people saying about the Earth Cab

“I have the Earth Cab Pro and have to say I am very pleased with it. Lots of capacity and real easy to use. I know hydro will give me bigger yields but its not all about yield. The soil system meets my needs, and then some! And though I haven’t needed it yet, the lifetime of tech support gives me confidence. I am a happy little grower!”

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